Cataloguing and classifi cation in the era of artificial intelligence Benefi ts, and challenges from the perspective of cataloguing librarians in Oyo State, Nigeria

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Adeyinka Tella
Oluwole Akanmu Odunola
Wasiu. O. Lawal


Goal: This study has examined cataloguing and classification in the era of artificial intelligence, benefits, and challenges from the perspective of cataloguing librarians in Oyo state, Nigeria.

Methodology: The study adopted a purely qualitative method using interviews for data collection. The target population was the cataloguing and classification librarians in academic libraries in Southwest Nigeria. The sample comprised 21 cataloguing and classification librarians working in the cataloguing and classification section of 10 university libraries in Southwest Nigeria. Four research questions were developed and answered.

Findings/Results: The findings revealed that cataloguing librarians are aware of the application of artificial intelligence for cataloguing and classification. Artificial intelligence enhances automatic cataloguing and classification using optical character recognition, assists in undertaking stressful work that humans may struggle to do; completes tasks faster than a human being and enables libraries to provide accurate cataloguing and classification services with fewer errors; saving time and money, assisting libraries to create metadata for digital resources and allowing cataloguing to increase the speed of metadata generation. The challenges associated with the application of AI to cataloguing and classification practices from the perspective of cataloguing and classification librarians are funding, irregular power supply and inadequate skilled personnel to handle AI. Currently, there is no strategic plan in place for the implementation of AI for cataloguing and classification in academic libraries in Nigeria.

Originality and Values: Based on the findings, the study recommends that a strategic plan should be initiated in all academic libraries in Nigeria to allow the real-life practice of using AI for cataloguing and classification.

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Tella, A., Odunola, O. A., & Lawal , W. O. (2023). Cataloguing and classifi cation in the era of artificial intelligence: Benefi ts, and challenges from the perspective of cataloguing librarians in Oyo State, Nigeria. Vjesnik Bibliotekara Hrvatske, 66(1).


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