Media and information literacy as critical pedagogy? Case study of the Sarajevo Hasan Kikić Elementary School

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Lamija Silajdžić
Anida Dudić Sijamija
Jasmin Hasanović


Purpose. The aim of the paper is to examine whether – and to what extent – the concept of Media and Information Literacy (hereinafter: MIL) can be understood as a possible approach to critical pedagogy in practice by examining the adequacy and comprehensibility of the content of its curriculum, previously adapted to the BiH (Bosnian and Herzegovinian) context and its fragmented education system.

Approach/methodology. The first part of the paper presents a brief framework of the concept of critical pedagogy, its relationship with media and information literacy, together with the specifics of the education system of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the second part, the paper focuses on the case study of pilot training conducted at the Sarajevo Hasan Kikić elementary school, aiming to acquaint teachers and librarians with the concept and curriculum of MIL.

Results. Although teachers and librarians have adopted skills to teach about MIL, the results point to a lack of emancipatory pedagogical practices in the existing education system which could counter various, primarily systemically produced forms of oppression.

Originality/value. The value of this paper reflects the efforts to read the concept of MIL through the theoretical lenses of critical pedagogy. Although based on the 2011 UNESCO’s understanding of MIL, the originality of this approach also lies in the fact that the conducted workshops were set down on its curriculum adapted to the Bosnian and Herzegovinian context.

Practical implications. The practical implications of this research could be seen through the further processes of researching and promoting collaborative teaching and learning, encouraging thus the development of critical thinking, and thinking individuals capable of combating domination and transforming reality through pedagogy.

Social implications. Incorporating critical pedagogy while reading the adapted MIL curriculum can be used for promoting a comprehensive and active role of re-creating knowledge, enabling practices of critical attitude towards the existing social reality, and promoting and strengthening democratic practices.

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Silajdžić, L., Sijamija, A. D., & Hasanović, J. (2022). Media and information literacy as critical pedagogy? Case study of the Sarajevo Hasan Kikić Elementary School. Vjesnik Bibliotekara Hrvatske, 65(2), 137–158.